fertilizers.jpgKaraka Bulk Spreaders helps you get the best from your land through:

  • Technical advice on grazing
  • Pasture management
  • Nutrient requirements for pasture growth
  • Budgeting advice
  • Stock planning
  • Fertilising programmes


We provide top quality fertilisers sourced straight from the manufacturers:

  • Chemical fertilisers
  • Organic fertilisers
  • Bulk supply or 1000kg/500kg refillable bags


We take safety and driver training seriously. All our staff receive on-going driver training with the NZ Groundspread Association along with comprehensive training regarding products, spread patterns, dust drift, environmental issues and road safety. You can be sure you’re receiving up-to-date advice and quality service and workmanship backed by on-the-field experience.

Deliveries are made to your location or desired service centre. Our vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking technology to provide you with accurate timing and delivery estimates and you’ll be kept up-to-date with efficient communication throughout the whole process. Read more about the Precision Tracking system on our technology page.

As a Spread Mark registered company we provide professional and qualified spreading with LTA 5-star rated vehicles and well-maintained machinery. Our vehicles cater to all types of terrain; helicopter spreading is also available for remote or difficult to access areas or where ground conditions to not allow access.

Our vehicles offer:

  • Tractor grip tyres for optimum traction and minimal pasture damage
  • Spreaders to service lifestyle blocks
  • Orchard spreaders
  • Sand spreaders
  • Bulk delivery to airstrips for aerial application
  • Large truck/trailer application for beef and dairy production areas


Soil testing provides accurate information regarding the specific requirements of your land. This analysis allows you to undertake a targeted and more cost-effective fertilising programme using recommended products and dosage to achieve and maintain the desired results from your crop.


With our GPS tracking you’ll know exactly where fertiliser has been placed and at what spread rate. Along with the information recorded by this technology, our experienced staff can provide you with honest budgeting advice to help you maintain sustainable feed requirements to keep your land and business viable.