Phospate (Pks)


  • What is Phosphate?

Inorganic Phosphates are mined to obtain Phosphorus for agricultural use. Phosphorus belongs to the Nitrogen group; extracted from Phosphate rocks. Phosphate is a chemical combination of Phosphorus and 4x Oxygen Atoms.

  • How does it help soil in relation to healthy pasture growth?

Phosphates along with your other Nitrogen group fertilisers are essential for the Photosynthesis process of your pasture growth. As pasture seeks Phosphates from the soil,; which is absorbed by the plant/grass and ends up in the stems and leaves, a low level of Phosphorus in the soil will lead to poor pasture growth. If there is a deficiency of Phosphorus in the soil the plant roots expands in seek of the chemical and this will give you a tight roots base to your pasture as a result. By applying Phosphates you are actively aiding the natural cycle of photosynthesis to get healthy roots and pasture growth.

*Primary nutrients for plant growth are; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).