Natural / Organic


What is Natural and Organic Fertiliser?

There are two types of Organic Fertiliser:

Naturally Occuring Organic - this includes chicken litters, seaweed or manure, etc.

Processed Organic - examples of this type are bonemeal, compost and amino acids.

Natural and Processed Organic fertilisers, on the other hand, contains high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium which are all essential elements for your soil to produce healthy pasture. Just keep in mind that the high levels of Nitrogen on Natural Fertilisers can burn your soil or pasture. Avoid doing close application one after another with this type of fertiliser too.

Research and Sourcing

Our team has conducted research and sourcing of new products so that we can provide quality organic products such as compost + lime + ash blends.  We offer quality soil mixes and other products at very low prices and we guarantee that these blends have been tested by Hill Laboratories so we can accurately inform the client of the natural levels/values.

We can also provide and source product like wood waste, chicken litter, lime, lime blends and wood ash. Most of the products listed above have high levels of carbon, which in turn, releases the nitrogen to the plant root and increase the rate of intake.

How does it help the soil in relation to healthy pasture growth?

By applying a natural or processed organic fertiliser, you are supplying your soil with nutrients which it would have originally produced. Organic fertiliser will enrich elements like potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulphate and will naturally lower pH levels. Organic fertliser and certified organic lime can be combined to help keep the pH levels healthy for optimum pasture growth. Organic fertilisers are slow releasing compared to inorganic fertilisers.